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Because knowledge is never too much...

Coursera is an education platform that allows everyone in the world can take online courses for free.
In partnership with several universities and organizations around the world, provides access to education, knowledge ... and an informed society is a prepared society. In Coursera platform can attend physics courses, engineering, humanities, medicine, biology, social sciences, mathematics, business, computer science, and other subjects. Each course includes video lectures on different topics, questionnaires and has to perform a miniproject every week and submit them to the platform. To evaluate these works, called miniprojects, a peer review system is used. Although in some courses this system does not apply, courses like of humanities and social sciences.
The Coursera courses have a duration of approximately six to ten weeks, with about 2 hours of video lessons per week. Some courses still have a final project or an exam. Are provided forums for the courses and some students organize themselves and create meet-ups for asynchronous study. However, the Coursera Honor Code prohibits copying answers, so the discussion should not change answers, but should practice a healthy debate.



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